You may be at the end of your rope.  You don't know where to turn.  This addiction has stolen too much from you and/or your loved one and you are losing hope that it will ever change.  Someone has told you about Teen Challenge.  Your desperatation has brought you to this website.  If you are clinging to the last thread of hope that Teen Challenge might be an avenue of help, be assured you've come to the right place.  We believe God has brought you here at this moment for such a time in your life.  Below you will find some helpful resources.  If you have more questions about addiction, reach out to us at 574-226-0789.




Signs of Addiction- (pdf)

Are You Enabling- (pdf)

Talking to a Loved One About Addiction- (pdf)

Common Drug Lingo- (pdf)

Setting Appropriate Boundaries With an Addict- (pdf)